Friday, January 13

itSMF USA 2006 Conference & Expo -- Call for Presentations

This is the outline of the topics for which the IT Service Management Forum is seeking proposals around the following suggested topics or others you believe would be of interest to. I post their outines here as it is an excellent summary of the current areas of interest to the Systems Management industry.

Metrics and Measurements
- Performance Management
- Score Card, making metrics useful and practical, etc.
- Critical Success Factors when implementing the processes
Financial Management
- Budgeting
- Costing of Services
- Activity Based Costing
- BS 15000/ISO 20000
Configuration Management
- CMDB – how to plan and implement in a multiple authoritative database environment
- Auto discovery versus manual population of Configuration Items using CI attributes
- Success stories
- Web-based products
- Lifecycle model
Service Level Management
- User Satisfaction measures
- Reliability of IT (Availability/Capacity)
- Service Level Management (SLAs)
- Writing and Negotiating OLAs
- Where to start with SLOs
- How to gather requirements
- Approaching the business partner
- How to measure and report
- Service Catalog
- How to find/define the services
- What should a catalog look like
- Who is the audience
IT Service Continuity
- Lessons/success stories learned from 2005
Maturity Models (CMM, Service, Asset Management)
- Making sense of them all

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