Monday, July 19

Updates to AppManager 6.0 Review

Last month I posted a review of the beta version of AppManager 6.0. This month (July 15, 2004) I assisted NetIQ by demonstrating some of the new features of the product in a Placeware audiocast conducted by NetIQ.

There are some features of the product that were discussed in the audiocast but were not covered in the review, and they include the following:

1. Action_RunKS -- this knowledge script allows the administrator to launch up to three knowledge scripts dynamically from a job action
2. Ability to resize the values tab of a knowledge script
3. Knowledge scripts for collecting data for the Diagnostic Console. This integration with Diatnostic Console includes both Exchange and NT server core metrics.
4. Action Severity Configuration -- this refers to the ability within many Action knowledge scripts to fire only when the severity of the triggering event is within a range defined as part of the Action knowledge script.

As I think of other features I've left out, I'll post them here.

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