Thursday, February 25

Notes on Bill Powell's March 2009 Presentation -- Impact of Economic Uncertainty on Service Management Plans

In March 2009, Bill Powell of IBM presented a super draft presentation to the NY LIG (Local Interest Group) of ITSMF USA that couldn't have been more interesting.  I wrote up my notes on his talk here, but I encourage you to download the podcast and his slides from the final presentation.  Here's the summary text from the ITSMF conferences posting just to give you an overview.

Amid the global financial turmoil and toughening business conditions, businesses continue to look to IT to provide leadership in responding to challenges and emerging opportunities. This presentation covers the implications and recommendations for leadership in an uncertain economy based on a recently completed IBM research of over 400 IT organizations. This session will focus on the US results, how Service Management is transforming from an IT to a business discipline, and provide practical advice on how best to weather the storm.

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